About Oldfield Dryers

Oldfield dryers are totally Australian owned and made.
Ian McArthur the principal (a qualified electrician) started manufacturing dryers in 1990 and has sold thousands of dryers throughout Australia.
Initially we manufactured dryers for the cattle industry and modified them to the best of our ability for our own stud cattle.
Within a few years this then led us to the dog industry and with a few more modifications to suit needs we now have a large range of dryers for dog grooming.
All models have been made to withstand tough conditions and are built out of steel and are extremely solid.
They are painted by a licensed spray painter with a two pack paint - can be sprayed any colour.
We stand behind our dryers and if there is at all anything wrong please let us be the first to know.
If you need assistance with anything else or maybe a special order please contact us.

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